100 Rhythms in PUBG Mobile: Everything You Need to Know

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Here’s everything you need to know about Hundred Beats mode in PUBG Mobile. He appeared in the game on March 9, 2021. Together with the release of update number 1.3.

The mode is related to the theme of the 18th season of PUBG Mobile. Therefore, it will only be available in the game for the next two months.

Hundreds of rhythms in PUBG Mobile

The Hundred Rhythms mode is available on the Erangel map. To get into it, you need to go to the main menu of the game. Then click on the “Mode selection” button. After that, put a tick next to the “Subject” inscription on the Erangel map. Now you can click “OK” and go to the search for the game.

At the start of the match, each player can choose one of three musical armbands. Each of them provides three special abilities. Namely, one active and two passive abilities.

The type of oversleeve can only be selected at the start of a match. Therefore, accessibility cannot be changed while playing.

The active ability is available to everyone at the beginning of the battle. Whereas players must search for cassettes to unlock two passive abilities. Cassettes appear along with regular equipment on the map.

Special Abilities

Scout knight

Hundred Beats in PUBG Mobile Scout Knight

Ultrasound Scanner: Ability to use a scanning device. It indicates the position of nearby enemies. The device operates for one minute. Use it when fighting an enemy. Believe me, this will help not only you. But also to your teammates.

Again: The ability restores the player’s health when eliminating marked enemies.

Sound power: Marked enemies take electrical damage from bullets.


Hundred Rhythms in PUBG Mobile Defender

Musical barrier: The ability to create a barrier for 60 seconds. It reduces bullet damage. Use it near the hideout where you and your friends are hiding.

Music conversion: The ability to charge the energy of companions within the barrier.

Pop metal: The ability reduces the cooldown of buddies within the barrier.


Hundred Rhythms in PUBG Mobile Survivor

Stealth: The ability converts the player’s costume into a camouflage for 40 seconds. Later it can be reactivated. But only after 80 seconds.

Observation: The ability warns the player about nearby enemies. Therefore, with her you will have a slight advantage.

Respiration regulation: The ability restores the player’s health. Provided that he took damage for a certain time.

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