10 systems for managing projects and tasks with free tariffs

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Disrupted deadlines. Production bottlenecks. Messaging chaos. All this costs you time and money. Fortunately, you can find the right project management service before you run out of savings. If you have a small team, a limited budget and are ready to do without some advanced features, then the free or freemium option will do.

Freemium are free versions of paid software that have a limited functionality or number of users. In this article, we will introduce you to project management services that work according to this model, and also briefly talk about their functionality and the cost of paid tariffs.



Airtable.com – cloud solution for joint project and task management. Employees can view tasks in a grid (similar to a spreadsheet), calendar, kanban board, or gallery. Key features include task management, collaboration, project reporting / tracking, and time tracking.

The key component of Airtable is databases, they contain all the information. A base is a collection of tables, each of which is dedicated to a different aspect of the project. These tables have fields (attachments, task lists) and records (specific parameters that you are tracking).

Free plan: an unlimited number of databases are available, each of which can contain 1200 entries and 2 GB of attachments. There is a history of changes, an archive of backups from the last two weeks, as well as functions for real-time collaboration and adding comments.

Paid plans: you can add more records and attachments to the database, the history of changes will also be stored longer. In addition, you will receive priority support and access to modular applications that extend the functionality of the databases. The most affordable option costs $ 10 per user per month.



Asana Is also a cloud solution with which companies can organize and manage projects / tasks and communicate. Suitable for organizations of all sizes that work with several projects at the same time.

Main functions: task management, reporting, automatic notifications, client portal, collaboration tools, dashboards, mobile version, document management and task assignment. In addition, there is an “Inbox” function – the service will notify you of any update for each project you are working on.

Asana also works on mobile devices: laptops, tablets and smartphones, and also integrates with Dropbox, Slack, Gmail and Zapier. The maximum attachment size is 100 MB.

Free plan: up to 15 users can use the service – display tasks in the form of a list, calendar or board, keep track of working hours and integrate the program with hundreds of applications. The number of tasks and projects is unlimited.

Paid plans: Prices start at $ 13.49 per user per month. After payment, more integration services will become available, as well as dashboards and the ability to add your logo to forms.



Wrike – a cloud-based project management platform designed for both large and small businesses with more than 20 employees. It provides users with Gantt charts, calendars, visualization of workload for resource management, custom dashboards and information about updates in real time.

Data can be structured by folders, projects, and tasks, and you can automatically assign task executors based on their statuses. Wrike can be used in many areas from finance and manufacturing to creativity and advertising. Wrike has its own API, as well as the ability to integrate with Salesforce, Dropbox, Slack, and more.

Free plan: users can be no more than 5. Kanban boards, task management, file sharing, real-time activity feed, basic integration capabilities and 2 GB of storage are available.

Paid plans: the most affordable option will cost $ 9.80 per user per month and will provide access to Gantt charts, division of tasks into subtasks, more integrations, shared dashboards and 5 GB of virtual disk (more expensive versions have more capacity).



ClickUp Is a project management service that positions itself as “productivity software”. With it, individual freelancers and entire teams can set goals, manage tasks, and organize work in “spaces”. Key features include task management, collaboration, reporting, time tracking and Gantt charts.

The main ClickUp work tools: tasks, custom fields, goals (specific tasks that are broken down into measurable chunks and assigned to a performer) and portfolio (a general overview of your work, somewhat like a dashboard).

Free plan: the number of users, tasks and workspaces is unlimited. 100MB storage available, 24/7 support (live chat, phone, email, 0 online help center), custom fields, goals and portfolio 100 times can be used, and multiple types of reports.

Paid plans: the storage capacity will be unlimited, there will be more types of reports, there will be the possibility of integration and additional functions, such as Gantt charts.



Jira Is a popular workflow management service that helps agile teams plan and control software releases. Jira is suitable for teams using scrum, kanban, hybrid, or other working techniques.

Users can create roadmaps to display all unfinished projects. Elements on the board can be dragged and manipulated in every detail of the project. Workers can create user stories and flag issues, plan sprints, and distribute tasks among team members. And users also have access to information from thousands of business applications, from development and monitoring tools to source code and productivity applications.

The free plan includes scrum boards, kanban, agile reporting, custom workflows, 2GB of storage, and up to 10 free users.

Paid plans: prices on the site are indicated for one user per month, the final amount will depend on the number of users. The average price is $ 7, that is, for 10 people you will have to pay about $ 70. Among the advantages of paid plans – an increase in storage capacity up to 250 GB (at more expensive plans it is not limited at all) and many other functions, for example, audit logs.



MeisterTask helps teams manage workflows and build tasks on a shared kanban board. It can be deployed in the cloud, there are desktop versions for Mac and Windows. Key features include task management, collaboration, project reporting / tracking, and time tracking.

Free plan: the number of users, tasks, kanban boards and storage is unlimited, you can attach files up to 20 MB.

Paid plans: Priority support is available, and additional features such as repetitive tasks, reports, and custom fields are emerging. The cheapest plan is $ 8.25 per user per month when billed annually.



IN Podium through the built-in App Market, users can access hundreds of free applications, for example, for task management, portfolio project management. There are also applications for functions such as customer relationship management (CRM) and recruiting automation.

In all applications, Podio offers a wide range of social collaboration features – Facebook-style “likes”, extensive file sharing, and internal instant messaging and video chat.

With its app-building capabilities, Podio is well-suited for companies that need to fine-tune their tools. Especially for those who want to manage several business processes within one system.

Free plan: the maximum number of employees is five, applications, workspaces and task management are available.

Paid plans: Prices start at $ 9 per user per month.



Quire Is a cloud-based project management solution that helps small and midsize businesses manage to-do lists and ensure cross-departmental collaboration. Key features include document management, real-time editing, messaging, discussion boards, file sharing, milestone tracking, and project scheduling.

Teams using Quire organize and prioritize tasks using a Kanban board to visualize workflows. Managers can assign tasks to specific performers, sort assignments by priority, filter tasks, and reconcile project start / end dates using Gantt charts. Thanks to the ability to receive reminders of deadlines, it is easier for users to keep track of the progress of their tasks.

Quire can be integrated with various third-party applications using its own API, such as Slack, Outlook Calendar, iCal, and others. Mobile applications for Android and iOS allow remote control. Technical support is provided by email and there is also an FAQ.

Free plan: Quire currently only has a free plan. According to information from the official website, the team is working on paid versions, but everything that is available for free now will remain free even after the addition of paid plans.



TeamWork Is a cloud-based project management solution that helps you organize tasks together and complete them on time. Main functions: Gantt charts, kanban boards, task management, collaboration, reporting, time tracking and resource management.

Free plan: Five users are given access to two active projects and 100 MB of memory, as well as several support options (email, chat, phone, online knowledge base, user guides).

Paid plans give you the opportunity to create more projects, increase storage, become a priority customer for support, and have more tracking tools at their disposal, including a project overview mode and a risk register. The cost of upgrading to a paid plan is $ 12.50 per user per month.



Basecamp Is a service for real-time communication. Available: worklists, calendars, due dates, and file sharing all help you keep track of tasks prioritization and quick response issues.

Users can create projects, log their progress, and manage tasks. You can connect to Basecamp either through a browser or through a mobile app.

The service can be used by any organization that needs to coordinate the work of a group – commercial and non-commercial, startups and even individual freelancers. Subscriptions differ in the amount of cloud storage and the number of users, any option is scalable.

The free plan is for freelancers, non-commercial purposes, family businesses, or occasional use. Given 1 GB of memory, three projects and the ability to add 20 users.

Paid plans: For $ 99 per month, unlimited projects, users, and 500GB of storage will be available.

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