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The Walking Dead: Survivors Is a licensed survival strategy game in The Walking Dead universe developed by the ELEX studio.

Take charge of your group of survivors as you explore, collect trash and fight your way through the devastated American landscape; scour the radio waves for other survivors to join you, and maybe even cross paths with iconic Walking Dead heroes like Rick, Michonne and Glenn.

Build a shelter and strengthen your defenses, but be careful! Crowds of bloodthirsty walkers are not your only enemy – get ready to fight both the living and the dead! Face off against other groups of survivors who are desperate for supplies, or perhaps just want to replenish their own reserves with your …

Can you become a leader in the chilling post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead? Every action you do can have dire consequences … Expect to face dire choices that mean life and death for you and your survivors; and in a world of cold-bloodedness and ruthlessness – which will you choose? Your humanity or your survival?

Think your way to survival and get ready for terrible events – there are no easy challenges in The Walking Dead and no time to hesitate!

Скачать The Walking Dead: Survivor‪s

The Walking Dead: Survivor‪s

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